Urinary, Bladder and Kidney Stones

These can be incredibly painful and require tests to determine what treatment is required. Possible treatments include minimally invasive surgery.

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Urological Diagnostics

There may be symptoms that indicate something isn’t quite right with the urinary system. We can carry out diagnostics to find any causes or treatment that may help.

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Urinary Bleeding

Where there is any urinary bleeding, small or more significant, an urgent referral should be sought for a complete evaluation. Treatment will be recommended following testing.

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Bladder Cancer

Tumours can grow in the bladder lining or muscle, which can cause symptoms such as blood in urine. Surgery can be carried out to remove tumours, and other treatments may be required.

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Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer or renal cancer is a disease of the kidney cells that may form into benign or malignant tumours. Surgery is the most recommended treatment.

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Nephrectomy is the partial or complete removal of a kidney usually for cancer but sometimes done due to poorly functioning or dead kidneys. It can be carried out laparoscopically.

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Urethral Strictures

A stricture is where there is scarring in the urethra, which in turn caused a narrowing that can lead to issues with the urinary stream.

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