Men’s health is an area that often doesn’t get discussed as much as it should. While women will routinely go to the GP throughout their lives whether for contraception, smears or maternity care, men don’t usually have regular contact with doctors unless it is for something that may be wrong. This means it is hard for them to understand the importance of going for checks in order to stay healthy and to be proactive. This approach can either prevent any conditions from developing or help to spot something early on where it can be quickly treated.

What are the men’s health services provided by Anglian Urology Associates?

We specialise in men’s health and are keen to increase awareness in men about how they can stay healthy and look after themselves. Men’s health should never be seen as something that is kept quiet or overlooked. By focusing more on men’s health, we can save lives.

Sometimes a man may experience a couple of symptoms that could be linked, or completely unrelated. However, they can give cause for concern. It is always best to get any symptoms checked out, to make sure that any underlying condition is identified or to prevent an illness from developing into something more serious.

Our comprehensive men’s health check helps to give men peace of mind through ruling out any illnesses but also treating conditions early. It can involve a range of tests and diagnostics and will also provide lifestyle advice tailored to each individual.


To help keep men healthy, the urologist will consider a number of potential examinations or tests. Before any decision is made on what to do, the full check will be discussed with a patient to ensure all of their concerns are covered and it is a thorough review:

  • Full medical and surgical review
  • Lifestyle review
  • Screening for prostate, bladder and testicular cancer
  • Blood tests including testosterone levels, vitamin D, liver / thyroid / kidney function tests
  • Cardiac assessment and risk profiling
  • Screening for high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes
  • Production of a personalised report


The cost for a new Men’s Health consultation is £695.

Essex Men's Health

We work with patients across Essex and Suffolk, offering a clinic in Colchester. Our support for men is focused very much on trying to get a full picture of their health and to keep them healthy, by identifying any risk factors or looking at their lifestyle.

The tests we carry out aren’t just for diagnosing a condition, but to see whether we think that more can be done to prevent anything from developing.

It can also be as simple as having conversations and providing advice or reassurance. All of this is completely normal and natural and should be encouraged in all men.

By making this part of daily life and routine, we can hopefully ensure that men can get the most out of life without anxiety or pain.

Meet our specialists

A leading Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Zafar Maan provides high-quality care for all of his patients and specialises in men's health. He is supported by our two other Consultant Urological Surgeons, Mr Datta and Mr Pillai.

Mr Zafar Maan a urologist in East Anglia
Mr Zafar Maan

BSc (Hons) MSc (Urol) MA (Clin Ed) FRCS (Urol)

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Mr Rajiv Pillai a urologist in East Anglia
Mr Rajiv Pillai


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Mr Sam Datta a urologist in East Anglia
Mr Sam Datta


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