Sometimes a man may experience a couple of symptoms that could be linked, or completely unrelated. However, they can give cause for concern. It is always best to get any symptoms checked out, to make sure that any underlying condition is identified or to prevent an illness from developing into something more serious.

Our comprehensive men’s health check helps to give men peace of mind through ruling out any illnesses but also treating conditions early. It can involve a range of tests and diagnostics and will also provide lifestyle advice tailored to each individual.


As part of this check, the urologist will consider the following, but the full check will be discussed with a patient to ensure all of their concerns are covered and it is a thorough review:

  • Full medical history
  • Lifestyle review
  • Screening for prostate and testicular cancer
  • Blood tests
  • Cardiac assessment
  • Screening for high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes
  • Production of a personalised report

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Mr Sam Datta


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Mr Zafar Maan

BSc (Hons) MSc (Urol) MA (Clin Ed) FRCS (Urol)

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Mr Rajiv Pillai


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I am eternally grateful to Zafar Maan for the empathy which he has always shown towards me and my medical issues. This compassion, whether in pre-operation consultations or during and after surgery, has contributed greatly to the healing process each time I have needed to consult him or have gone to theatre under his care and supervision.

DB, Frinton