Not everyone has access to private medical insurance but there may be many reasons why you might feel the need to seek private medical advice.

We can offer you access to our Consultants as a Self-Pay Private Patient. This means that you pay as you go for consultations, investigations or procedures.

How we can help

All Self-Pay Private Patient pathways begin with an initial consultation, even if you have just seen the Consultant at the General Hospital under an NHS pathway. The price for an initial consultation is £225 and a follow-up appointment is £185.

This appointment can be over the telephone or face to face and the Consultant will take a history, current symptoms and hopefully with you, come up with a treatment or diagnosis plan.

Should you need any investigations, e.g. blood tests, urine tests, bladder flow tests, ultrasound scans etc or a procedure of any sort, we can provide you with an idea of cost before you decide if you would like to go ahead.

If your NHS pathway comes through first, or you decide to pursue other options, there is no obligation to continue your journey with us.

If you would like more information, please see our frequently asked questions, or contact us on 01208 581585 or via email at:

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