Peyronie’s disease is more common in men over the age of 40 and is where the penis becomes curved or more misshapen when erect.


There are a few key symptoms of this disease:

  • A hard lump or thickened area in the shaft of the penis
  • When erect, a curve in the penis
  • Pain during an erection
  • A misshapen penis
  • Loss of length or girth


Non surgical

There are medicines that are available, and steroid injections may also be helpful, or targeted shockwave therapy can be used. However, there is limited evidence on the effectiveness of these treatment options.


Where the disease is incredibly painful, then surgery may be required. This can involve the removal of the plaque, or the implantation of a device to straighten the penis.

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Mr Zafar Maan a urologist in East Anglia
Mr Zafar Maan

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